Fall homeopathy tumble

“There is a bald covering of Aesop’s Fables” story:
There is a bald hair wearing the others riding in the head travel. A gust of wind blew off the wig, onlookers couldn’t help laughing. A stop. The hair didn’t belong to me, from where I lost, what strange? It is not also once left but the growth of its owner?.
Lincoln has a similar story. He a actually elected congressman failed, world how he feels, Lincoln told a story, said he actually election night, walking in the street’s mudslide, slipped, body a slanting, the others from the street hit out, after know the situation, he to oneself said. This is slipped, and not fall.
Someone asked him what it feels like to be a president of a big country like the United States, Lincoln said it reminded him of the story of a criminal. A person who commits a crime, the punishment to him, let his neighbors rode him to go outside the train. He asked his neighbour neighbor said, what do you feel? If this is not an honor, he would rather walk.
Lincoln said. I do speak a lot of stories, in my long experience, I find that the general people to the media as a medium of expression, more vulnerable to.
After the death of Lincoln, he recorded joke book “old Abel jokes” selling for many years.
Lincoln was not a joke. His secretary of state Suward said. President Lincoln’s jokes are like a fable, which is full of much of the wisdom of education.
Wit and humor in modesty occupies an important position, because it can force occasion because ugly earlier, forced to cover, not only trying to hide something, here is no silver three hundred a suspect, also easy to arouse the opposition of others to maintain real impulse, if tangled up, is tantamount to wound and shoot and hit, presumably not what good fruit to eat, and wit and humor is not annoying, we laugh, we will not be held accountable for what.
A writer wrote a book by her colleagues praise, out of jealousy, another writer walked to the front of her, intonating said. I admire your book, but I do not know who wrote this book for you?. And she said. I’m glad you like the books for me, but I do not know who read to you?. Teased each other she would not write, and she returned the compliment each other can’t read, both reasonably and in reason, joke smile, forget about it.
In addition, to keep silence on the embarrassing thing, but also a kind of not wit, the highest wit, with four two dial a thousand pounds. Charm.
In 1972, Kissinger and Zhou Enlai overall operation, open the door of the communication between China and the United States, make the world one of the pattern of change, Kissinger to Beijing for talks with Premier Zhou Enlai made a complete success, Premier Zhou to to see him off, Kissinger does not restrain inner joy, sincerely to that mining security: back after a certain multi running for an early resumption of the people’s Republic of China in a seat on the United Nations. Kissinger said the interest is high, despite diplomatic out of the schedule. About a year.. Zhou Enlai always smiled and conveyed the appreciation and gratitude of the heart.
Shortly after the plane took off, Kissinger received a message from the United States, the original, on the day before the General Assembly session, the proposal to restore the seats has passed! This is certainly a good thing, but he thought of such a big thing, Zhou Enlai certainly received a report, said in his own about a year. Zhou Enlai can be proud to announce. The matter has been settled, do not work for you.
In the face of spirits, warmly opposite faces, Zhou Enlai if sue to truth, as Kissinger’s identity, will he not feel embarrassed! Even his talent in the vast can calmly, that also is only our Datai let person of act in an opera, so Zhou Enlai chose to remain silent.

How do the nasty damage

A highly trained nurse asked two surgeons who had been a big headache for a surgical operation. One surgeon replied sternly. For we remember you last week to miss two patients medical history.. The nurse was part of blushed when, speechless.
A husband in the hotel after dinner, in order to show a good hospitality, to the hotel left a 20 dollar tip, while his wife was away the money, said a good reception, not worth the tip. The husband had to sneak out of the hotel.
In life we are very familiar with this type of mischievous villain. They tend to be your friends, co-workers, and lovers. In public they then your shoulder and tell people you have a mistake or blunder, or that you have called. Git. Jokes, make you feel pain. If you get angry, he will say that he is just a joke with you, and that you are allergic to, lack of sense of humor.
There are two different kinds of treatment for this kind of interpersonal communication in the encounter accidentaly across. A is negative resist or shame shame and speechless, or feelings of anger erupted and stern opposition, but this would bring loss to your good public image. Another is a positive response, use this kind of unfavorable contact information to obtain good benefit of contact, not only can effectively resist disturb the behavioral effect, but also can win people more respect and welcome. University of Washington sociologist Edward. Glaus had to associate distress years of study, he pointed out by public humiliation, of course, is not a pleasure, ‘no one can ignore trivial. When hurt because of the shame, most people will be angry, rude, stuttering blush. But you should have another option – keep your mind, control your emotions.
Don’t spend a lot of time in trouble, why did the man go rash?. Some people make you feel embarrassed, because they feel threatened by you, or in retaliation for what you have done in the sense that you have done. Others only for something and not care about others get it off one’s chest: love wasteland laugher.
Bailey, a psychologist at the University of Florida, Lycra Siqi is think and guess what secret and not the motivation practices in reality is not necessarily correct this kind of person. He or she may not understand that you will be hurt. , as you pointed out to him the slip of the tongue of indecent assault move, these well intentioned but clumsy in expression is usually immediately apologize to you.
Of course, how to deal with this kind of distress encountered at the time of the specific situation. If your boss or supervisor is in front of your colleagues to blame you, and it is likely to do this next time, you can use the following words to deal with this situation, so as to maintain your self-esteem with calm confidence. Can we discuss this problem alone?.
Similarly, if subjected to a spouse or a good friend of this kind of injury, and retaliate with sarcastic ridicule, rather calmly explained to him, you feel from his injury. If he continues to make you feel embarrassed, you can further show him that you will lose confidence in him. This ability to cope with fully display your conscious and healthy self esteem and respect for human feelings control ability so proudly other cancer to shame, to reflect on their words and deeds.
You may need to take more serious measures when there are second people who are deliberately humiliated to make you feel embarrassed. Sometimes you have to stop him on the spot, say to him. It seems that you are interested in embarrassing me, can you tell me what it is for?. Or say it to him. Do you look upset, and if there is something that makes you unhappy?. This response can show you do not lose the sense of the people, not difficult to keep people’s good, so as to win the respect of others, to get the other side of the identity, to change his negative attitude, improve and enhance the relationship between the two sides. No matter what attitude you take, the most important thing is not to get angry. One can only make aggressive persons prevail, but will lead to deeper hostility.

To cover the first we should do the following

1, no matter what the situation, keep high calm, to not forget oneself. Such as in a business communication, the other when it comes to price suddenly revealed the you the Laodiceans, say you give the price of a company is very low, and give them too much, this is really too bullying people, and so on. Trade partners such disclosure is very hurt face. If you don’t calm down, you’re feeling too nervous or excited, it’s likely that you won’t be able to handle it. The next or admit the truth, or anger argue, desperately deny, probably at the time part. But you if it is cool, possibly will soon find out the reason, such as low price does not guarantee replacement and maintenance, a hand without the use of new materials, new technology, or in the form of payment, delivery term, quality insurance, etc. there are different. You can always find a good reason to save the situation, to find a decent behavior for their own behavior.
2, in any case can play rounders, desalination and clear and resolve contradictions, to find themselves and each other steps, the atmosphere changed by the tension relaxed, by embarrassed becomes natural. In many cases, others for clearance than to cover their more important. On the one hand said himself on the other side of the understanding and respect, on the other hand also to his left the room.
3, learn to skillfully transfer the topic and the attention of others. Wrong words or did something wrong, but are quick to admit mistakes, but also learn to subtly change the subject, to attract people’s attention to other aspects. For example, with the purpose of a humorous or funny way of the transfer of the target, the thing about people to some things, the tension of the topic into a relaxed joke, etc..

How to avoid letting others embarrassed

People wear clothes to keep out the cold wind, the obtained beautiful, three for modesty. In the world, who will be ashamed of the privacy. Therefore, a good indispensable.
People say don’t wash your dirty linen, which it would be awkward to disclose own show people who do not want to fall,. But only if you have nothing to do, you can not know. So modesty is to try to keep a secret, second is in after the scandal, make its produce adverse consequences become smaller.
Make a fool of others, the heart cannot take pleasure in other people’s misfortune will make enemies shows between the lines, otherwise, and for all those. If you can take the initiative to smooth things over, for others to hide the ugly things, you can make like fall.
Shishinanliao, not privacy is not compromised, everyone will have a good day lotion. We need to stay calm, can not act with confusion, add ugly ugly, down the bottle spilled oil. Secondly, to shun force force, do not cover the students hard block, a clumsy denial resulting in self-exposure. Third can look the other way, distraction, evasiveaction. Don’t let a little handle to be grabbed and taken out of the greater folly, the opponent big bang harm your reputation.
The ugly little mo cover
In social life, no one can expect anything. For example, maybe you didn’t expect and you play deal is with you there was a rift or your competitor’s friend; maybe you did not estimate the other is Sichuan people and don’t like Sichuan maybe you suddenly wrong words, and so on. These are embarrassing. At this time, you were prepared to cope with the changed situation, sometimes inevitably some gaffe. On this occasion the modesty is very necessary.
A person’s ability to cover is of course life experience as the foundation, after repeated practice, will become sophisticated smart. At the same time, the strain capacity also reflects a person’s wit and accomplishment. Only deep worldly knowledge talent is likely to be saved at the time of the change, of the humble as clever, make oneself get rid of the awkward situation, and gain good effect in communication.

Make the best of a bad bargain, surprise — get rid of social dilemma(二)

Organization corresponding reason is the most critical link. Because only provide corresponding reasons, others agree with you is not wrong wrong. Otherwise, chip not only, the result is not only unhelpful, will give a rude and ignorant and stubborn impression. Can change right?. Because the so-called error, only for a certain kind of customary norms of the violation. Dialectics tells us that all things are transferred by time, place and condition. In this context, it is possible to change the background, or to look at, to see if it is possible. For example, at first listen. This is not a person, you must think is a malicious scold language, then listen to a stunning beauties under this world. Your opinion is bound, a reversal of the original, the so-called “people”, not just a gimmick, it is praised in.” “The beauty of a woman of extraordinary fairy not more than mortal senior? Similarly, first heard the third sentence:” the children are thieves”. I’m afraid you will think that the children not what, can the end of ten. The stolen peach in their. Just call you feel over the original loop the thief. Y’all not generation. They steal to the Heavenly Queen Xiantao as relatives Heshou, wish her longevity, this is not a valuable filial piety?? the doggerel no doubt belongs to the literati of deliberately fabricated, but is enough to prove that, any things are not absolute, combination. It can lead to a qualitative change. In this way, it is possible to show that there is a non – in a new relationship, if it is a combination of logic, and the logic of its own. Zhang Zuolin played this role in a deliberate rebuke to the secretary. I don’t know the ‘ink’ words below and a ‘soil “a hook, indicating that he inscription inscribed convention is fully aware of the, saying the commutation, the reason that he write less a” soil “is deliberate. What is the reason? He by soil ‘”word association to the land, which in turn suggests to Japan deliberately to occupy our land, and the policy of their own interests constitute serious, threat, then consider to face Japan’s ronin, so after the rapid coordination and combination of moment, some high sounding reason formed their own. Ink. Less write “soil. The word is not to give the Japanese land. As a result, calligraphic inscription transformed into the problem of national struggle, people judge is non standard certainly changed Zhang’s attitude to Japan every inch of ground is suitable for Chinese people’s psychological presence.
To cater to the subjective intention to make the best of a bad situation can successfully whitewash, is general level, to surprise, would have to add a condition, you can not only effectively support you whitewash, but also should is in the specific situation in your own established behavior logic inevitable external performance. Zhang Zuolin reached this state. He was in the midst of the environment, and it was the tone of the atmosphere. Inscription is also an elegant thing, the only Japanese please, secretly, hook, Zhang Dongchaqijian, or answer inscription, showed that he accepted the challenge. Although he came from the wilderness, but at the moment to show on the elegant demeanor, he. You walked to the table, proudly inscribed, throwing the pen and enormously proud of one’s success. And so a series of movements, facial expression is a wonderful portrayal of this kind of psychology. Some actually hide a slip of the pen to get rid of the dilemma of vindication not only confirmed his romantic elegant, and shows the his national integrity and the art of struggle. Even rival Japan ronin also helpless, forced avowed and boring, Xing Xing exclusionary and Chinese people cheered and elegant atmosphere of the scene, adding to the a layer of bright colors. Make the best of a bad bargain could be so fit situation, of course, is a surprise.