The basic requirements of everyday speech

The basic requirements of everyday speech

Oral language through the ear to the brain. Because of language homonym, meaning more than a sound, such as using obscure words, is bound to affect the results. Cultural literacy and the audience are very different, it should be “low to high”. Speaking to the masses, we should understand clearly, and easy to understand.

In July 1940, Comrade he long courses give a Party lecture in the Jin-sui district of party members. Before the lecture, instructors who carried an old wooden table, a wooden bench, two porcelain bowl on the table and a pair of shoes. These three things jump out at the students, we do not understand what to do. He smiled and said: “my first lesson, and the party’s mass line, is the relationship between the party and the masses here! “And then he ends in a large bowl and asked students, millet is what to do with, we replied in unison, is cooking. Asked where we answer, people. He’s Mister germinal opening, easy speak to eat millet, millet and tell people to eat ink stone, let the troops eat millet about civil-military relations, said the mass line and criticized some gay violations public discipline, telling everyone to complain. Qunzhongguanxi would starve if members understand and defeat the truth. Said said, Comrade he picked up another big bowl, filled with water, there is a fish. He long to fish from the Bowl out, and soon, the fish did not move. Ho took the opportunity to ask, why do fish did not move, the answer is out of water. He concluded, the army and people, is the relationship between fish and water, fish can’t live without water, armies from the crowd, you can’t survive. Bases exist, the growth of the people’s army, is because the implementation of the party line, the crowd embraced the results. He speaks with genuine feeling. It not only focused, clear, and simple image speaks a serious topic, easy to understand. If he has no feelings of love for the people, not heart of love for the people’s Liberation Army, regardless of the students ‘ level of education, theory, acceptance, it is impossible to tell the truth, not a layman’s description of the mass line of the party.

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Large differences in spoken language and written language. Some excessive use of written language in his speech, rather than spoken, also make people very uncomfortable. For example in his speech described his mother as a young man was killed when the mood said: “I heart on the wave of sorrow, two eyes like a pair of springs, filled with Crystal, Crystal tears, the last two of my falling tears like broken pearls. “Speaker burst into tears on the stage, the audience burst into laughter. This speech was not successful. Reasons for its failure is that he doesn’t care about the practical effects of language, and the pursuit of formal beauty. Not colloquial, popularization, and literary taste was so strong, the phrasing is too ornate and difficult, will be a joke.

Social language needs to use both the speaker and the listener habits of common interest, “plain English” to show, so easy to communicate feelings, ideas. Go strange, too much Polish, listeners will think it’s showing off grace, so speak to your ear, one ear and out the other. So, using language as Lu Xun said, “there is meaning, to catch up, less contrived, not to show off. “Otherwise, the nice way of putting it there are no forces.

Everyday speech and strive to understand very clear, easy to understand. “Please excuse the liberty like” it is pretending to be elegant, the audience may not like it. Rodin said, “draw some patterns with a pencil, put some fireworks to show off with colour, or with odd writing light sentences, these short writer is the ingenuity of people in the world, art the greatest difficulty, however, and the highest position, but naturally, picture and writing. “This sentence is also applicable to speech language use.