The most retro style watch


This East West Automatic is Tiffany this year launched the East West series of the first mechanical movement watch, size up to 46.5 x 27.5 mm, especially for boys wrist wear.
Design inspiration from Tiffany in the 1940s designed an antique travel folding bell, rectangular steel case on both sides with elegant curved curve, with a white dial, simple and elegant style. Each corner of the case has been cut and polished, the bottom of the watch also to adapt to the curvature of the wrist, improve wear comfort.
Unlike traditional dial layouts, East West’s 12 o’clock and 6 o’clock directions are parallel to the direction of the arm, making it ideal for reading time while driving the steering wheel. Dial with decorative ribbed ornaments, 3:00 and 9:00 for the large number of time scale, so that the layout is more balanced sense. This design comes from Replica Bvlgari Jewelry experience in jewelry design.
Equipped with TCO.2558 self-winding movement, wobble 28800vph, power storage 40 hours, the movement of the plywood has also been corrugated in Geneva.
In particular, we like the table at the end of the design – through a fan-shaped sapphire crystal to “reveal” the movement, fan-shaped pattern just and pendulum Tuo matched.
Rose gold watch case, length 46.5mm, width 27.5mm, sapphire transparent table mirror back, Tiffany homemade mechanical movement, vibration frequency 28800 times / hour, power storage 40 hours, crocodile leather strap, waterproof 30 meters.


2016 new version of the Cellini Time is still a continuation of the elegant Xi Lian style, Rolex is the most Dressy this year, a watch, the biggest design change is to give up the Roman numerals, replaced by a more concise and clear prism time standard.
The 39mm rose gold case is lighter than the traditional oyster, thus providing a very comfortable wearing experience. Bezel of the corners of the corners of the classic calm atmosphere, the layout of the three clear and simple.
Equipped with Rolex self-produced self-winding movement, power storage for 48 hours, and through the “Superlative Chronometer” certification, on behalf of the daily travel time accuracy of -2 / +2 seconds.
Waterproof 50 meters, with crocodile leather strap, is a low-key and correct entry formal table selection.
Replica Cartier Love Bracelet Crocodile leather strap, eternal rose gold case, diameter 39mm, sapphire crystal table mirror, brown radiation pattern dial, self-winding movement, 31 stone, wobble frequency 28800 times / hour, power storage 48 hours, eternal Rose gold pin buckle, waterproof 50 meters.

The art of speaking to parents

(1) trust in the tone of the child to get the trust of the adult, especially the parents, so to speak to the child to show full trust.
If the child wants to learn to play badminton, you use the confidence of the tone, said: “I believe you as long as you work hard, careful study, will be able to learn to play.” This virtually gave the child a self-confidence, and let him understand that only adhere to be successful. If using a sarcastic tone: “you are so enthusiastic about three minutes to play ah?” Will bring harm to the child’s self-esteem, so he has no confidence in their ability to produce.
(2) respect for the tone of voice from the age of two or three, the child’s self consciousness began to sprout, with the growth of age this self-awareness will become increasingly strong. Children have some of their own ideas, that the children know their own strength and ability.
When he put forward his own views and requirements, do not think that he does not listen to you, with you to do, and the brutal opposition to him. If you require children to learn English, he wanted to with small partners play for a while, you can’t lose his temper: “bigger and more obedient, do not learn, you grow up is able to do.” Doing this will only make children more disgusted with learning. Should be respectful tone: “that you play for a while, however, comes to an end, you can be sure to learn english.” Children are more willing to accept.
(3) to discuss the tone of each child is a self-esteem. To the child to do something, you can discuss the tone, let him understand that he is equal to you, you respect his. For example, you want the child to the ground litter toys to tidy up a look, you can say: “the stars, toys, lost, and more bad habits, ah, you and your mother together to pick up the toys, OK?” Do not use the command tone: “how do you make, toys, litter, hurry to clean up!” Otherwise, the child to listen to you blame, the heart will produce resentment, even by your request to do, is not happy.

(4) the tone of appreciation
Every child has the advantage, have the performance desire, found the child’s advantages and appreciation, will make him more willing to show. Children draw a picture, perhaps the painting is not very good, but the enthusiasm of the children to paint and carefully is the most valuable. When the child holding the painting to show you, can not cope with a few lightly: “painted in general, good practice.” This will let the children lose enthusiasm and confidence in painting. It should be appreciated in the tone of his works: “I can not think of such a good baby, continue to work hard, will draw better. The child’s performance to be satisfied, with a happy emotional experience, the painting will be more interested in.
(5) it is impossible to encourage the child to do without fault. When children do something wrong, do not blindly criticize the blame, but should help him in his mistakes sum up lessons, accumulate experience, encourage him to succeed again.
If the child for the first time to help mother duanfan bowl dropped to smash the, you can’t blame him: “even a bowl all end instability, stupid.” This will hit the child to try new things with confidence and courage. The tone should be encouraged: “you accidentally broke the bowl, never mind, after the first try with your fingers go hot not hot end.” In this way, not only to teach him the way of practice, but also gave the child the confidence to try again.

The basic requirements of everyday speech

The basic requirements of everyday speech

Oral language through the ear to the brain. Because of language homonym, meaning more than a sound, such as using obscure words, is bound to affect the results. Cultural literacy and the audience are very different, it should be “low to high”. Speaking to the masses, we should understand clearly, and easy to understand.

In July 1940, Comrade he long courses give a Party lecture in the Jin-sui district of party members. Before the lecture, instructors who carried an old wooden table, a wooden bench, two porcelain bowl on the table and a pair of shoes. These three things jump out at the students, we do not understand what to do. He smiled and said: “my first lesson, and the party’s mass line, is the relationship between the party and the masses here! “And then he ends in a large bowl and asked students, millet is what to do with, we replied in unison, is cooking. Asked where we answer, people. He’s Mister germinal opening, easy speak to eat millet, millet and tell people to eat ink stone, let the troops eat millet about civil-military relations, said the mass line and criticized some gay violations public discipline, telling everyone to complain. Qunzhongguanxi would starve if members understand and defeat the truth. Said said, Comrade he picked up another big bowl, filled with water, there is a fish. He long to fish from the Bowl out, and soon, the fish did not move. Ho took the opportunity to ask, why do fish did not move, the answer is out of water. He concluded, the army and people, is the relationship between fish and water, fish can’t live without water, armies from the crowd, you can’t survive. Bases exist, the growth of the people’s army, is because the implementation of the party line, the crowd embraced the results. He speaks with genuine feeling. It not only focused, clear, and simple image speaks a serious topic, easy to understand. If he has no feelings of love for the people, not heart of love for the people’s Liberation Army, regardless of the students ‘ level of education, theory, acceptance, it is impossible to tell the truth, not a layman’s description of the mass line of the party.

Cartier watches

Large differences in spoken language and written language. Some excessive use of written language in his speech, rather than spoken, also make people very uncomfortable. For example in his speech described his mother as a young man was killed when the mood said: “I heart on the wave of sorrow, two eyes like a pair of springs, filled with Crystal, Crystal tears, the last two of my falling tears like broken pearls. “Speaker burst into tears on the stage, the audience burst into laughter. This speech was not successful. Reasons for its failure is that he doesn’t care about the practical effects of language, and the pursuit of formal beauty. Not colloquial, popularization, and literary taste was so strong, the phrasing is too ornate and difficult, will be a joke.

Social language needs to use both the speaker and the listener habits of common interest, “plain English” to show, so easy to communicate feelings, ideas. Go strange, too much Polish, listeners will think it’s showing off grace, so speak to your ear, one ear and out the other. So, using language as Lu Xun said, “there is meaning, to catch up, less contrived, not to show off. “Otherwise, the nice way of putting it there are no forces.

Everyday speech and strive to understand very clear, easy to understand. “Please excuse the liberty like” it is pretending to be elegant, the audience may not like it. Rodin said, “draw some patterns with a pencil, put some fireworks to show off with colour, or with odd writing light sentences, these short writer is the ingenuity of people in the world, art the greatest difficulty, however, and the highest position, but naturally, picture and writing. “This sentence is also applicable to speech language use.

Six best reasons for giving gifts

Gifts are not a small way to the human relationship. Send good and proper method, will be happy, whole state; send bad, let a person back to block, touch the mold head, heart block in a few days. So, only to master the skills of a gift, in order to put the whole process of a gift to a beautiful end.
Gifts are the most troublesome thing, nothing better than the other party is unwilling to accept or Yanci refused, or WAN Yu refuse, or after the return, all gifts very embarrassed, make money Sihua, not knot, compensate a lady and fold soldier. Suffices to you. So, how to nip in the bud, send a maybe?? key is excuse for OK, gifts, garden not park, your intelligence should be used in the. The following approach can be used for reference:
1, jiehuaxianfo. If you send native products, you can say is home to a, to each other taste fresh, not many things, and not to spend money, not to buy a single of, please him to accept, in general the recipient that kind cannot return Juli mentality is expected to ease. Will accept your gift.
2, do one thing under cover of another. If you send wine, might as well under the guise of said is others send you two bottles of wine, to drink with each other for common action, please he ready to order. So drink a bottle of a bottle, the ritual, the relationship closer, still without a trace, not bad.
3, lead the way by the horse. Sometimes you want to give gifts. And the other one but it with the pull you eight pole not, you may wish to the recipients of the birth of wedding day invited, a few acquaintances together to congratulate gifts, so that the recipient would not refused, when later that the idea is you must change to your views, with everyone’s effort to achieve the objective gifts associated is indeed the best policy.
4, see. I have something to support Liu Quban, want to send a gift to clear it, afraid of Liu refused to split his face. Zhang’s wife and Liu’s familiar objects, Mr. Chang will play the lady diplomacy, with a gift for lovers to visit, in one fell swoop success, has received a gift, something has to do, best of both worlds. It seems, sometimes circuitous movement as a direct attack can be miraculous.
5, the first to say is to borrow. If you are to send some money or family difficulties sometimes, their self-esteem is very strong, is reluctant to accept help. If you send is, might say, that this thing is put in the home is idle, let him take it first with the future and buy again if you send the money can be said to take some of the first flowers, after again. The recipient will think you are not in charity, later also will be happy to accept. So that you can get to the destination will be reached. Took the opportunity to lay eggs. A student by the teacher favors a lot, always wanted to return but no chance. One day, he happened to find teacher mahogany framed trimmed with calligraphy and painting was actually a picture of rubbings, with elegant room furnishings incongruous. Just, his uncle is the famous calligrapher, he have a gift of calligraphy and painting. He immediately put literally bring the initiative into the frame. The teacher is not only not opposed but also very fond of, the purpose of the gift giving back is finally achieved. If not timely assistance degrees, icing on the cake. Is good.
6, by road bypass. Sometimes gifts do not necessarily own money to buy, and then sent to the large package, in a situation of human is also a gift. For example, you can buy the ex factory price, the wholesale price, the price of the goods, when you buy these things for friends and colleagues, they have to get things, has been to your. Accept the gift as a gift. You have not spent a penny, but to catch the point of human and time, the effect is exactly alike and receive gifts. The recipient for money, collect things when the peace of mind, no worries these are no profits, as a pleasurable occupation.

How to resolve the awkward situation of interpersonal relationship(二)

Then how do you do not wet the bed? ‘he asked me suddenly. ‘I, at the age of fifteen will naturally not enuresis. ‘I have a look at the memory, said,’ when I did not graduate from junior high school, I knew it was good. ‘he broke his finger,’ I’m thirteen years old, and I’ll be fine for two years. Zhi of course! I must say ‘,’ bedwetting is not a disease, to the development of rhyme age, naturally you don’t have to worry. ‘when we get out of the office, he’s more relaxed.
‘then, because of the family, the teacher’s tacit understanding, part of the students finally get rid of the dilemma, learning has made great progress.
Advertising can be said to be an excuse to find a master, that is, in the United States for the first time in the United States in the United States for the first time in the United States, there was such a story. The company has predicted that this coffee, simple and convenient. Will be very popular with housewives. Did not think it did, its sales is no surprise. Regardless of taste, probably because. Use inferior materials and turn out substandard goods The impression is too strong, because in the United States so far, the coffee is in the home from the start of the grinding beans. As long as the hot water will be able to rush out a large cup, how to see how it seems too cheap.
Therefore, manufacturers will be from the simple, convenient and direct direct transfer to the emphasis can be effectively used to save the time of the advertising strategy, stressed. Please save time for your husband and child o
“This change the image of the battle, as the user removes the housewives of so-called” easy things like a flock of ducks. Guilt, because “I use a quick food is not for their own pleasure, but because the time saved can be used on the family. After that, the annual sales volume rose.
Everything has two sides. As for the traditional, behind the children’s thinking is old-fashioned. Which only emphasize on the bamboo and the convenience of espresso, to completely remove the negative impression is very difficult, but if the “discovery. To change one’s opinion, it’s time to save. In short, stressed the negative excuse Xugong, instant coffee will seize the hearts of consumers.
People are so, pay attention to doing things right and proper, you give him a name, he is very happy to do some self deception, deceiving thing, especially when things to their advantage. In fact, alcoholic drink but never asking, “you are the only person, I accompany you to drink, or” death with a gentleman, I will fight in the end. This kind of excuse to achieve the wish, the surface is not active, not simply.
This seems to be the Chinese people’s unique psychological, that is, always look for reasons to shirk responsibility. Even though he knows his own responsibility, he will pass the buck. Use people’s mentality, first for the other ready excuse, each other can’t refuse. For example, when giving a gift to a person, you should say “you are too care for me, I do not know how to appreciate, this is my little meaning, please accept.. As a result of an excuse to reduce the sense of guilt, will gladly accept the gift.

How to resolve the awkward situation of interpersonal relationship(一)

People who do things always have to be right and proper, there is a saying to an account, to find a quiet make an explanation, as if the reason will all have landed. Sometimes people with even to the extent of its reason.
The so-called excuse, in fact, is. No manager. Therefore, an excuse to turn to face, a pair of straight before me. The way we can get away with it. And the time is not to panic and Zhang to explain, only to arouse people’s suspicion and vigilance.
Name “positive”, “language”
There is a middle school teacher, think very well work diplomatically,. Borrow a door. Ability is admirable, he is looking for an excuse to use in the student body effect is wonderful. His class T has a surname Hu students, people are very smart, the test results of the junior high school is the first in the class. But only half a year, the final exam but fell to the class twenty-sixth. The teacher thought, can not find the reason why he regress. Later, he learned that the child is wetting the bed. The bedding was wet and the parents were very angry, and this. Lose face. It makes him feel ashamed. The original is the burden of the spirit of the study results. How to do it? The teacher recalls in an article:
“I think two days, read some books, and finally one day after school, office people are gone, I talk to him. Later, pull a few class. I asked him: I heard you wet the bed, isn’t it? ‘he listens, bass face look red, the head also hangs low. I pulled him toward the side, shook his hand and said “in fact, bedwetting is not what the big deal is a considerable number of people have children, bedwetting teachers have studied teens, but many parents say nothing. He was silent. I continued to say, ‘the teacher, I also had a bed. ‘really?’ he asked me in surprise. ‘how is not, and continue to junior high school graduation. Sometimes two or three times a night, sleep, I was anxious to die, everywhere I go to the bathroom, to find a corner, pull the pants on the urine, the result is a bed of urine. Oh, I’m the lucky, too. ‘he seemed to find a bosom friend, feelings of shyness disappeared. Then, we have a word from you I ” by the urine, said something funny, laugh together then we have no teachers don’t like two ‘friends’ exchange of experience in the urine.

Focus on the other

The eyes focused on the other in July 1807, Napoleon and the Russian emperor Alexander Thi met in Till Asi Te. Austria queen Louisa also came here, want to ask Napoleon to return to the north of Austria to Magdeburg. A meeting, Louisa queen first appreciated Napoleon’s head. Lennon Caesar, then her charming and bluntly asked Napoleon to return Magdeburg to. Napoleon also not good face to face, but can not easily agree. He didn’t phone words to praise the Queen’s clothing to look good, want to change the subject. Queen Louisa has been back. At this time, we have to take the fashion to do the subject? ‘she asked again, Napoleon and use some of the words to deal with her. Queen Louisa repeatedly begged Napoleon to the attitude of humility and sincerity, make Napoleon somewhat shaken. At this time, Austria Forsyth king came in, Napoleon tone down cold spot.
At the end of the party, Napoleon to Queen Louisa as decent a rose. The queen got a sudden inspiration, said I could think it is a symbol of friendship, I request has been cast consents? Napoleon early alert, always irrelevant remark chakai topic the. Queen Louisa did not achieve the purpose, sadly and go.
Diplomatic occasions, the important is adhere to their principles and position, should not make concessions will not relent, and also do behave properly and does not lose the etiquette, this is a superb art. The Queen’s face can not be too straight in open field to barge, accounted for someone else’s site, but not a glorious thing, and a quarrel will be more ugly Napoleon to transfer a topic, reach the magical effect of modesty.
Thus,. To the left and right and to the left and right and. Is a very effective method of modesty, it can divert people’s attention, to practise deception can delay at the same time, others to quell the anger and avoid confrontation, maintenance on both sides of the face to. There are many degrees of King Gu Zuoyou ‘face blind technology, can handy topic. If you can not find a suitable topic, gag twitched Xiandan, cute laugh, also can.
For those who use this method, we have no way to deal with it.
In daily life, some people encounter people come to ask him to act, will produce a sense of superiority, talk, more pull more far. Or, the other is Tong said some irrelevant words, consumption to meet the time, eventually refuse, prevarication. Such a person is the most difficult to persuade. Such as in the general approach to the other side of the meter. But the silence, equal to admit that the other side of the upper hand. To deal with these difficult people, must never interfere with his. The best way is to say “there’s a reason”. ‘is that right?. Things like to interrupt, or is it something else: note. These actions will interrupt his logical thinking, the flawed, so as to get a chance.
This psychological skill is often used in Western parliamentary debates. The officials said the Council was prepared in advance, and it was not easy to destroy their logical thinking. Have experience of members will be in favor of what officials say is everything, and size up the situation, seize the opportunity to break his a series of topics, the principle of collapse, to tell the truth. To deal with the endless, eloquent, this method is especially magic. He tore at idle and light, you have to talk about the topic, you come to me to contest and Korah face quarrel, no mouth Kung Fu and unique way of thinking is not enough. May have qooco.

Fall homeopathy tumble

“There is a bald covering of Aesop’s Fables” story:
There is a bald hair wearing the others riding in the head travel. A gust of wind blew off the wig, onlookers couldn’t help laughing. A stop. The hair didn’t belong to me, from where I lost, what strange? It is not also once left but the growth of its owner?.
Lincoln has a similar story. He a actually elected congressman failed, world how he feels, Lincoln told a story, said he actually election night, walking in the street’s mudslide, slipped, body a slanting, the others from the street hit out, after know the situation, he to oneself said. This is slipped, and not fall.
Someone asked him what it feels like to be a president of a big country like the United States, Lincoln said it reminded him of the story of a criminal. A person who commits a crime, the punishment to him, let his neighbors rode him to go outside the train. He asked his neighbour neighbor said, what do you feel? If this is not an honor, he would rather walk.
Lincoln said. I do speak a lot of stories, in my long experience, I find that the general people to the media as a medium of expression, more vulnerable to.
After the death of Lincoln, he recorded joke book “old Abel jokes” selling for many years.
Lincoln was not a joke. His secretary of state Suward said. President Lincoln’s jokes are like a fable, which is full of much of the wisdom of education.
Wit and humor in modesty occupies an important position, because it can force occasion because ugly earlier, forced to cover, not only trying to hide something, here is no silver three hundred a suspect, also easy to arouse the opposition of others to maintain real impulse, if tangled up, is tantamount to wound and shoot and hit, presumably not what good fruit to eat, and wit and humor is not annoying, we laugh, we will not be held accountable for what.
A writer wrote a book by her colleagues praise, out of jealousy, another writer walked to the front of her, intonating said. I admire your book, but I do not know who wrote this book for you?. And she said. I’m glad you like the books for me, but I do not know who read to you?. Teased each other she would not write, and she returned the compliment each other can’t read, both reasonably and in reason, joke smile, forget about it.
In addition, to keep silence on the embarrassing thing, but also a kind of not wit, the highest wit, with four two dial a thousand pounds. Charm.
In 1972, Kissinger and Zhou Enlai overall operation, open the door of the communication between China and the United States, make the world one of the pattern of change, Kissinger to Beijing for talks with Premier Zhou Enlai made a complete success, Premier Zhou to to see him off, Kissinger does not restrain inner joy, sincerely to that mining security: back after a certain multi running for an early resumption of the people’s Republic of China in a seat on the United Nations. Kissinger said the interest is high, despite diplomatic out of the schedule. About a year.. Zhou Enlai always smiled and conveyed the appreciation and gratitude of the heart.
Shortly after the plane took off, Kissinger received a message from the United States, the original, on the day before the General Assembly session, the proposal to restore the seats has passed! This is certainly a good thing, but he thought of such a big thing, Zhou Enlai certainly received a report, said in his own about a year. Zhou Enlai can be proud to announce. The matter has been settled, do not work for you.
In the face of spirits, warmly opposite faces, Zhou Enlai if sue to truth, as Kissinger’s identity, will he not feel embarrassed! Even his talent in the vast can calmly, that also is only our Datai let person of act in an opera, so Zhou Enlai chose to remain silent.

How do the nasty damage

A highly trained nurse asked two surgeons who had been a big headache for a surgical operation. One surgeon replied sternly. For we remember you last week to miss two patients medical history.. The nurse was part of blushed when, speechless.
A husband in the hotel after dinner, in order to show a good hospitality, to the hotel left a 20 dollar tip, while his wife was away the money, said a good reception, not worth the tip. The husband had to sneak out of the hotel.
In life we are very familiar with this type of mischievous villain. They tend to be your friends, co-workers, and lovers. In public they then your shoulder and tell people you have a mistake or blunder, or that you have called. Git. Jokes, make you feel pain. If you get angry, he will say that he is just a joke with you, and that you are allergic to, lack of sense of humor.
There are two different kinds of treatment for this kind of interpersonal communication in the encounter accidentaly across. A is negative resist or shame shame and speechless, or feelings of anger erupted and stern opposition, but this would bring loss to your good public image. Another is a positive response, use this kind of unfavorable contact information to obtain good benefit of contact, not only can effectively resist disturb the behavioral effect, but also can win people more respect and welcome. University of Washington sociologist Edward. Glaus had to associate distress years of study, he pointed out by public humiliation, of course, is not a pleasure, ‘no one can ignore trivial. When hurt because of the shame, most people will be angry, rude, stuttering blush. But you should have another option – keep your mind, control your emotions.
Don’t spend a lot of time in trouble, why did the man go rash?. Some people make you feel embarrassed, because they feel threatened by you, or in retaliation for what you have done in the sense that you have done. Others only for something and not care about others get it off one’s chest: love wasteland laugher.
Bailey, a psychologist at the University of Florida, Lycra Siqi is think and guess what secret and not the motivation practices in reality is not necessarily correct this kind of person. He or she may not understand that you will be hurt. , as you pointed out to him the slip of the tongue of indecent assault move, these well intentioned but clumsy in expression is usually immediately apologize to you.
Of course, how to deal with this kind of distress encountered at the time of the specific situation. If your boss or supervisor is in front of your colleagues to blame you, and it is likely to do this next time, you can use the following words to deal with this situation, so as to maintain your self-esteem with calm confidence. Can we discuss this problem alone?.
Similarly, if subjected to a spouse or a good friend of this kind of injury, and retaliate with sarcastic ridicule, rather calmly explained to him, you feel from his injury. If he continues to make you feel embarrassed, you can further show him that you will lose confidence in him. This ability to cope with fully display your conscious and healthy self esteem and respect for human feelings control ability so proudly other cancer to shame, to reflect on their words and deeds.
You may need to take more serious measures when there are second people who are deliberately humiliated to make you feel embarrassed. Sometimes you have to stop him on the spot, say to him. It seems that you are interested in embarrassing me, can you tell me what it is for?. Or say it to him. Do you look upset, and if there is something that makes you unhappy?. This response can show you do not lose the sense of the people, not difficult to keep people’s good, so as to win the respect of others, to get the other side of the identity, to change his negative attitude, improve and enhance the relationship between the two sides. No matter what attitude you take, the most important thing is not to get angry. One can only make aggressive persons prevail, but will lead to deeper hostility.

To cover the first we should do the following

1, no matter what the situation, keep high calm, to not forget oneself. Such as in a business communication, the other when it comes to price suddenly revealed the you the Laodiceans, say you give the price of a company is very low, and give them too much, this is really too bullying people, and so on. Trade partners such disclosure is very hurt face. If you don’t calm down, you’re feeling too nervous or excited, it’s likely that you won’t be able to handle it. The next or admit the truth, or anger argue, desperately deny, probably at the time part. But you if it is cool, possibly will soon find out the reason, such as low price does not guarantee replacement and maintenance, a hand without the use of new materials, new technology, or in the form of payment, delivery term, quality insurance, etc. there are different. You can always find a good reason to save the situation, to find a decent behavior for their own behavior.
2, in any case can play rounders, desalination and clear and resolve contradictions, to find themselves and each other steps, the atmosphere changed by the tension relaxed, by embarrassed becomes natural. In many cases, others for clearance than to cover their more important. On the one hand said himself on the other side of the understanding and respect, on the other hand also to his left the room.
3, learn to skillfully transfer the topic and the attention of others. Wrong words or did something wrong, but are quick to admit mistakes, but also learn to subtly change the subject, to attract people’s attention to other aspects. For example, with the purpose of a humorous or funny way of the transfer of the target, the thing about people to some things, the tension of the topic into a relaxed joke, etc..