How to avoid letting others embarrassed

People wear clothes to keep out the cold wind, the obtained beautiful, three for modesty. In the world, who will be ashamed of the privacy. Therefore, a good indispensable.
People say don’t wash your dirty linen, which it would be awkward to disclose own show people who do not want to fall,. But only if you have nothing to do, you can not know. So modesty is to try to keep a secret, second is in after the scandal, make its produce adverse consequences become smaller.
Make a fool of others, the heart cannot take pleasure in other people’s misfortune will make enemies shows between the lines, otherwise, and for all those. If you can take the initiative to smooth things over, for others to hide the ugly things, you can make like fall.
Shishinanliao, not privacy is not compromised, everyone will have a good day lotion. We need to stay calm, can not act with confusion, add ugly ugly, down the bottle spilled oil. Secondly, to shun force force, do not cover the students hard block, a clumsy denial resulting in self-exposure. Third can look the other way, distraction, evasiveaction. Don’t let a little handle to be grabbed and taken out of the greater folly, the opponent big bang harm your reputation.
The ugly little mo cover
In social life, no one can expect anything. For example, maybe you didn’t expect and you play deal is with you there was a rift or your competitor’s friend; maybe you did not estimate the other is Sichuan people and don’t like Sichuan maybe you suddenly wrong words, and so on. These are embarrassing. At this time, you were prepared to cope with the changed situation, sometimes inevitably some gaffe. On this occasion the modesty is very necessary.
A person’s ability to cover is of course life experience as the foundation, after repeated practice, will become sophisticated smart. At the same time, the strain capacity also reflects a person’s wit and accomplishment. Only deep worldly knowledge talent is likely to be saved at the time of the change, of the humble as clever, make oneself get rid of the awkward situation, and gain good effect in communication.

What should be noted in the language of asking for help

Ask people for help, have an immeasurable role in your language, fluent will enable you to successfully achieve the purpose.

Ask the language of the other people to help you both to see the character each other , but also the occasion and occasion. On outgoing personality, good at communication can be talking in the office, he would speak freely; and introverted, timid and sensitive people should change an environment, into the outdoor obstacle person where he died.

have an immeasurable role in your language
                             have an immeasurable role in your language

Ask others for help when the conversation is not simply to talk about their own thing, to own request to the other party to explain, it is best to sincerely listen to others views.

People who are good at asking people to help pay attention to politeness, not to have some inappropriate words. Inappropriate words tend to hurt the feelings of others, as the saying goes: a word, can never be withdrawn. Even if you want to make up for it later. So, in the process of requesting the help of others to use language to pay attention to the following aspects:

(1) do not say bad words

“When you ask for help, you should have a good impression, so you have to be good at it. Especially those who need to think about more outspoken words, do not say boring and nasty words, to get the opposite of what one wants.

(2) do not say the words of depression

Since to ask for help, it is in a relatively humble position. Only in the difficulties and dangers, such as marital discord, the career is not suitable, the child did not work, these things tend to make people physically and mentally exhausted and demoralized, intentionally or unintentionally, in the communication of people around said some frustration, this is inappropriate. Because it is very easy to give a person a kind of pent up gas building, cause the other unpleasant, but also easy to form your mistime one’s remarks.

(3) not to say that he is not to say that he is to say

There are individual requests to help others like to use to play down their own to raise others, but you do not know your modesty sometimes in the other side seems to be a kind of shy. Be humble to use the place, can not be self – down time or a good.

(4) not to say to worry and doubt

Ask others for help people often will have more urgent. Therefore, it is easy to say some quick success and urged the other words, guessing each other’s ability, power and identity, their worry and depression. These words are exposed to a number of negative consciousness, which will have some negative effects, which is to be avoided.

Never say die (5) shuttle ambiguous words

Since it is to ask people for help, to tiaoming, to cause the other chord, speaker shuttle ambiguous, the drum spirit, will make them lose interest, which is to ask people for help of the taboo.

(6) to pay attention to tone and language

give a full consideration
                                            give a full consideration

Even if the relationship is very close to the people, the trustee of the word, the tone should be moderate, do not use the tone of command, such as “you must help me do”, “must be done” and so on. Say so, sometimes inconsiderate, make it difficult for people to accept, and say: “please try to help me”, “the best way is to help me to go the whole hog, to the sun under leeway. If it is difficult to answer the question at that time, we should say: “two days to give me a letter?” Or kinds of “when I go to you, please bother” and so on, the trustee to give a full consideration and discussion of the time, people can enter into the back.

Ask people for help when the attitude to be sincere, as far as possible to open people prove themselves to do this the purpose, function, the cause of things, ideas, tell people, don’t hesitated to speak, do not let the other side feel as though you don’t trust him.