How to resolve the awkward situation of interpersonal relationship(二)

Then how do you do not wet the bed? ‘he asked me suddenly. ‘I, at the age of fifteen will naturally not enuresis. ‘I have a look at the memory, said,’ when I did not graduate from junior high school, I knew it was good. ‘he broke his finger,’ I’m thirteen years old, and I’ll be fine for two years. Zhi of course! I must say ‘,’ bedwetting is not a disease, to the development of rhyme age, naturally you don’t have to worry. ‘when we get out of the office, he’s more relaxed.
‘then, because of the family, the teacher’s tacit understanding, part of the students finally get rid of the dilemma, learning has made great progress.
Advertising can be said to be an excuse to find a master, that is, in the United States for the first time in the United States in the United States for the first time in the United States, there was such a story. The company has predicted that this coffee, simple and convenient. Will be very popular with housewives. Did not think it did, its sales is no surprise. Regardless of taste, probably because. Use inferior materials and turn out substandard goods The impression is too strong, because in the United States so far, the coffee is in the home from the start of the grinding beans. As long as the hot water will be able to rush out a large cup, how to see how it seems too cheap.
Therefore, manufacturers will be from the simple, convenient and direct direct transfer to the emphasis can be effectively used to save the time of the advertising strategy, stressed. Please save time for your husband and child o
“This change the image of the battle, as the user removes the housewives of so-called” easy things like a flock of ducks. Guilt, because “I use a quick food is not for their own pleasure, but because the time saved can be used on the family. After that, the annual sales volume rose.
Everything has two sides. As for the traditional, behind the children’s thinking is old-fashioned. Which only emphasize on the bamboo and the convenience of espresso, to completely remove the negative impression is very difficult, but if the “discovery. To change one’s opinion, it’s time to save. In short, stressed the negative excuse Xugong, instant coffee will seize the hearts of consumers.
People are so, pay attention to doing things right and proper, you give him a name, he is very happy to do some self deception, deceiving thing, especially when things to their advantage. In fact, alcoholic drink but never asking, “you are the only person, I accompany you to drink, or” death with a gentleman, I will fight in the end. This kind of excuse to achieve the wish, the surface is not active, not simply.
This seems to be the Chinese people’s unique psychological, that is, always look for reasons to shirk responsibility. Even though he knows his own responsibility, he will pass the buck. Use people’s mentality, first for the other ready excuse, each other can’t refuse. For example, when giving a gift to a person, you should say “you are too care for me, I do not know how to appreciate, this is my little meaning, please accept.. As a result of an excuse to reduce the sense of guilt, will gladly accept the gift.

How to resolve the awkward situation of interpersonal relationship(一)

People who do things always have to be right and proper, there is a saying to an account, to find a quiet make an explanation, as if the reason will all have landed. Sometimes people with even to the extent of its reason.
The so-called excuse, in fact, is. No manager. Therefore, an excuse to turn to face, a pair of straight before me. The way we can get away with it. And the time is not to panic and Zhang to explain, only to arouse people’s suspicion and vigilance.
Name “positive”, “language”
There is a middle school teacher, think very well work diplomatically,. Borrow a door. Ability is admirable, he is looking for an excuse to use in the student body effect is wonderful. His class T has a surname Hu students, people are very smart, the test results of the junior high school is the first in the class. But only half a year, the final exam but fell to the class twenty-sixth. The teacher thought, can not find the reason why he regress. Later, he learned that the child is wetting the bed. The bedding was wet and the parents were very angry, and this. Lose face. It makes him feel ashamed. The original is the burden of the spirit of the study results. How to do it? The teacher recalls in an article:
“I think two days, read some books, and finally one day after school, office people are gone, I talk to him. Later, pull a few class. I asked him: I heard you wet the bed, isn’t it? ‘he listens, bass face look red, the head also hangs low. I pulled him toward the side, shook his hand and said “in fact, bedwetting is not what the big deal is a considerable number of people have children, bedwetting teachers have studied teens, but many parents say nothing. He was silent. I continued to say, ‘the teacher, I also had a bed. ‘really?’ he asked me in surprise. ‘how is not, and continue to junior high school graduation. Sometimes two or three times a night, sleep, I was anxious to die, everywhere I go to the bathroom, to find a corner, pull the pants on the urine, the result is a bed of urine. Oh, I’m the lucky, too. ‘he seemed to find a bosom friend, feelings of shyness disappeared. Then, we have a word from you I ” by the urine, said something funny, laugh together then we have no teachers don’t like two ‘friends’ exchange of experience in the urine.