How to cope with the ridicule(二)

If there are people too abrupt words hurt you, or embarrass you, you should be reserved to, or take a dumb, beat around the Bush, shuffle or take yielded, transfer the “line of sight”, give an irrelevant answer, talk about some completely and questioning “Wind Horse and cattle and” thing, the indirect and euphemistic refute the opponent will have strange effects.
How to cope with the ridicule
For example, you have just been promoted to a leadership position, this play antics Elm Road: all of the sudden, you a meteoric rise, escalator straight on the bar! You do not have to stick, can laugh away: “is that so? You just like this’ quasi entertainment can be flat even if to be neither humble nor pushy. In contrast, if you care too much, say a lot of truth, but it is too serious, but the opposite. If a person with half-genuine and half-sham tone asked: “you got a big bonus, the rich?” If you answer, “do you want it?” Let’s do a piece of work. With just your spirit Yang language, people ask, is not good.
Sometimes it may encounter a thorny problem puzzled. In this regard, answer in terms of humor, humorous, often will be saved. Change the embarrassment. “No doubt in the mountains multiply and streams double back”, to “There is a way out.”, which disappeared in the embarrassing situation and.
How to cope with the ridicule
As the saying goes: ‘heart of harm should not be the heart of the people do not be: trained adaptable language skills such as students will “Shaolin” and only use it to build the dam of defense, cut can not take the initiative to attack and insulting. And the defence should pay attention to courtesy, whether it is with “soft” approach, implicit refute, or “hard” approach, the top of the exact words back. All right, there is a section. One time, I saw an elderly man in to buy food when said: “you this dish is too old Ya the vegetable seller immediately retorted:” which is your old ah!. This approach is the lack of mouth are not going to follow. If there is a thought in a bitter have the gift of the gab, the language of “war”, provoking everywhere that will hate.

How to cope with the ridicule(一)

In social situations, sometimes encounter other people, no meaning qiangbai you, ridicule, sarcasm, ridicule you, what should you do? I think we should do “Huxin Fu” in language, build defense fishing dike. Have the ability of people to adjust to changing circumstances, mobilize their wisdom, active. To make an awkward situation. “Soldiers will be blocked. You can use different thin “, one way to cope with different choices.
If the judge come with evil intent. Is malicious, you can deliberately provocative, “an eye for an eye. “Rational, favorable, answer blows with blows, a day, that polite and clever opponents. Give tit for tat, the original “. Top back.

Once, an American reporter talking with Premier Zhou Enlai, see on the table there is a American Parker pen, with a few sarcastic tone asked: “excuse me, your excellency prime minister, you dignified Chinese people, why use our pen?” Premier Zhou Enlai listened to his implication, solemn and witty replied.; lift the pen words long. This is a Korean friend of the war to resist US aggression and plunder, as a gift presented to my. I have no work to do. Rejection. Friend said, leave a mark. I think it is meaningful to take the country this pen. The reporter to face embarrassment, you should also speak out to 30.
How to cope with the ridicule
Former British Prime Minister Wilson during the campaign speech just talked about half, there was a sudden trouble intentionally loudly interrupt him: “shit! Rubbish!” : obviously, he means Wilson, “don’t talk nonsense.””. Wilson did not bother the intention, just responded with a tolerant smile, to appease said: “the gentleman. I’ll talk about you made the mess in the the.” Troublemaker who suddenly be rendered speechless.
If there are people rushing you put on a fierce look, verbally abusive to scold a way: ‘you the duplicity and specialized divisions of my Yin shaped; want to step on someone’s shoulder to climb up, no way! If you don’t mind me, might as well be furious, doubt against tomorrow: “oh! Is it true? I’d like to wash the ear Gong xin.” Then induce reviler continued, until the other person can not find the words, you again. Wow gold Shoubing “. In this case, you gentle and polite way Xiaoying attackers, apparently better than the fury and rage. If the other menacing, domineering, come forward to accuse you insult, and you want to make sure you truth in hand, responded with a look of contempt and coldness of smile, let him enjoy vent enough and disregarded. Sometimes silence is better than thousands and thousands of words.