ask for things like writing the eight-part essay

Famous humorist Lin Yu-tang’s summary of Chinese (especially intellectuals) ask-do wrote the eight-legged essay-like.
Chinese business is rarely as foreign devil. This for something. Straightforward proposal,
Because it is not refined. If strangers are more out of turn. Chinese people pay attention to the words in the
Article has a stereotype-like transforms grace. Not only have style and structure,
Can be divided into four stages
The first paragraph is talking about communication, discussion on climate. Such as “name. 、。 Heard so much about. 、。 Early
Contrary to. And the. Today’s weather HA HA Shan belong to this category. Lin Yutang called meteorology,
To it in. To Rome, and then talk about “the role of bond. These
In people’s life does have a lot in common, not being resisted.
, The second paragraph is the classification of past events, and catch up with old friends. On a deeper level, from the public would
Life transitions into each other piece is a deep person special procedure. Lin Yutang called
As a “historical … Perhaps your nephew with some classmates, maybe you live South,
He had lived in Alley, and emotional rapport d. If everyone at Peking University
Among those who know Shima, comfort, Chang to Ku Hung-ming, Lin Chin nan · · · · · · It will be more pro-Zhi
The long, … This is done well, feelings on both sides may have really well.
Third paragraph is talking about current events, feelings. This is politics … Emotional contact, momentum
Rider Strong, and is will be teamed up to attack this afternoon, McCain into the realm. Aspect ratio range is well-known. Bag
Includes a Chinese die is a five-day, saving strategies, Gu Yuesan imperatoria Umaji Gong Ma Zhu
Political leaders, and so on. Joint and several and Prime Minister following the Sun a few years to several years of statistics.
You Guangxu heard lecture in Sun, Prime Minister for three years, and this year was 29, the
Total 33 years, it was called following Prime Minister 33 years. ~ Well done,
Feeling better, and strong momentum, Shen and for brief encounter, to catch the sword’s range
Degrees. At this point, you can think of to abruptly begin, the camera question.
Thus, economics–entrust this fourth segment called “little things … Politely stood up,
Pick up the hat, then served Wu transfer road, there is now a small bother. Not know
A do? please write a letter of introduction and so on. This casual, not to give you
Into a great deal of pressure or making the other feel gaiqian his feelings. But to use the Syrian
Bedding, sharp pen collection, summarizing the.